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Custom lasers and systems

EKSPLA team of laser physicists with more that 15 years of experience in laser design are in position to offer solution that fits our requirements in most elegant and cost-effective way


  • Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Nd:Glass lasing medium:
  • Pulse energy up to 160 J
  • Multi-beam systems
  • Fourier-transform limited pulse durations in 10 ps–100 ns range
  • Pulse repetition rate up to 1 MHz
  • SLM (single longitudinal mode) lasers
  • Tunable Fourier-transform limited picosecond pulses
  • IR tunable lasers in 3–16 μm range
  • Tunable OPOs with up to 1 MHz pulse repetition rate


  • Plasma physics
  • Extreme light physics
  • OPCPA pumping
  • Holography
  • Material research
  • Non-linear spectroscopy
  • Other laser spectroscopy applications

Our team of fourteen Ph.D. laser physicists with more that 15 years of experience in laser design are in position to offer solution that fits Your requirements in most elegant and cost-effective way. Our ability to integrate all the laser components – optics, electronics, software – results in custom build laser that is convenient and easy to operate as a standard commercial product. Broad knowledge in high energy laser physics, non-linear materials and spectroscopy ensures that custom build lasers are performing as expected while keeping lead time as short as possible. Just a few examples of our innovative laseis designs that reflects our capabilities:

  • Nd:YLF SLM lasers featuring less than 0.01 cm-1 linewidth;
  • Nd:Glass laser with pulse energy up to 160 J;
  • 6 channel amplifier producing 200 mJ per channel at 150 ps pulse duration;
  • Nd:YAG lasers for OPCPA pumping producing 2.5 J at 532 nm at 100 ps or up to 5 J at 4 ns pulse duration;
  • Nd:YAG lasers with up to 10 J pulse energy at 10 ns pulse duration;
  • Tunable laser producing Fourier transform limited 30 ps pulses in 420–710 nm range at pulse repetition rates up to 1 MHz;
  • Tunable IR laser for 2.5–12 μm spectral range;
  • Multicolor lasers producing few independently tunable outputs simultaneuosly.
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